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Denver is celebrated nationally for having a highly educated citizenry. Ranking second among the United States’ major metropolitan areas with regards to the median number of school years completed by residents, Denver has an attractive business portfolio. Industry and finance are naturally attracted to a talented and skilled labor force.

There is also a significant concentration of advanced education resources in Denver, consistent with the abilities of the residents. Research institutions of an international caliber are centered here, as well as graduate and professional schools, and a range of other programs.

If you’re considering a move in Denver and are interested in learning more about your school options, you’ll find the following resources valuable. As Realtors, we’re not legally able to talk about Denver schools, but there are many public or private options which you can read about. If you have additional questions or need access to more information, please contact us directly.

Useful primary education links (public, private and charter):
1. Colorado Department of Education
2. Denver Public Schools
3. School of Choice Office: Charter school information.
4. Colorado Department of Education: Information on non-public schools.
5. Site for viewing ALL Colorado schools.
6. A resource to identify ALL Colorado schools.
7. Private School Review: Statistical data on private schools.
8. National Center for Educational Statistics: Statistical data on all schools.

Useful higher education links:
1. Colorado School of Trades
2. Denver Automotive and Diesel College
3. Denver Career College
4. Metropolitan State College of Denver
5. Regis University
6. Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
7. The University of Colorado at Denver
8. The University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
9. University of Colorado Online
10. University of Denver
11. The University of Phoenix at Denver
12. Westwood College of Technology

For additional listings, the Colorado Commission on Higher Education maintains a list of statewide colleges, universities, technical and vocational institutions on its Web site.

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